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Getting the job done… January 17, 2010

Posted by Paula in Webshite.
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It can be difficult when a friend gets into a new relationship. Maybe you don’t see them as much, maybe you’re horribly jealous of their newfound happiness, or maybe you miss being the one they tell everything to. Well, with a touch-sensitive pad linked to a Twitter feed, there would be no need to feel out of the loop. You could truly be a fly on the wall in your mate’s relationship. One man has done just that- and yes, it is as over-intrusive and freaky as it sounds.

‘Anon Bestman’ is responsible for newlywedsontjob, a Twitter feed he’s set up to record each and every time his newlywed pals hop into their marital bed to get, well, on t’job.He says his mate “stiched me up something rotten when I was his best man” and that this is his revenge. Well, Anon, I doubt your pal broadcast your sexual relations to the world though, did he?

Either it’s an elaborate hoax or it’s an elaborately put-together system, but either way, followers of newlywedsontjob can track all the details of this unsuspecting couple’s alone time. The duration of each romp is noted, and the ‘frenzy’ of each session is rated from 1 to 10. The lowest the couple have reached so far is 2, and they’re only back from their honeymoon three weeks. Oo-er…