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Come out of your cave walking on your hands January 29, 2010

Posted by Patrick in Muzak.
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Mumford & Sons have released the video for their latest single, The Cave (out 28th February), from their debut album Sigh No More.

The video features the band giving their instruments and such to what look like a lost Indian marching band, and then jetting off on motorbikes around the Indian countryside. Next thing you know, everyone’s having a great big lipsync to the song. And it’s great.

Every time I pick a favourite off the band’s album, it changes the next week. For the moment though, The Cave is definitely it. Check out the video below.

And my head told my heart… December 26, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Muzak.
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How remiss of me not to post something about Mumford & Sons during the entire stretch of 2009. I stumbled upon them on Neon Gold Records’ blog way back in March (and I don’t say that in a HEY! I KNEW THEM FIRST kind of way) or so, and instantly loved their track White Blank Page. Not much happened after this, until October when I got wind that they were finally releasing their debut album, Sigh No More.

I haven’t heard anything quite like them in recent years, but apparently folk is back in, judging by the amount of people who’ve said to me recently that they love the group. They play Dublin’s The Academy on 18th March, but tickets unfortunately appear to be sold out at the moment.

While I loved their first single from the album, the vaguely Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) sounding Little Lion Man (which I was dismayed I couldn’t put on the playlist in Starbucks – due to its F-wordage), Winter Winds was instantly my favourite album track. And of course, it’s their latest release, just in time for the actual Winter Winds of Christmas. Ah, I see what they’ve done there.

Listen & watch below.

Also, check out Neon Gold Records’ blog for a free download of Little Lion Man.