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Don’t call me baby December 29, 2009

Posted by Paula in Trashion, Webshite.
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I like to think that I dressed fairly well as a kid. As well as a kid could dress in the early nineties. If it was velvet, neon pink or came in the form of a scrunchie, I had it. And by god, did I wear it with style. But pictures like these, from Planet Awesome Kid, make me wonder if I could have tried a little harder. Think The Sartorialist mixed with a L’Oreal Kids ad, and you’ve got Planet Awesome Kid in a nutshell.

Parents are welcome to submit photos of their own “Awesome Kids”, as long as they provide details of where each item of clothing was purchased. Other photos are snapped by the site’s resident photographers, Andrew Adler and Amy Toland Way.

I wonder where their prime sites are for searching out potential mini-fashionistas. Creches? Showings of Disney movies at the local cinema? Playgrounds? Though there’s only so long you can lurk in a creche or playground holding a camera before being escorted off the premises. I would imagine…