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Cheryl goes Gaga November 27, 2009

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The video for Cheryl Cole’s new track 3 Words, featuring Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am has just surfaced online and well, it’s quite a mindfuck after the relative normality of the Fight for this Love video.

This video features all sorts of visual split-screen tricks, weird costumes that are going to draw inevitable Lady Gaga comparisons (in the video Cole appears as a platinum blonde who looks ready for a funeral, some sort of Cleopatra-esque character, and that sort of malarkey). There are also a load of people dancing or lying on the floor with some sort of combination mask/bandage on. Sure why not.

It looks like it cost a pretty penny to make and it’s probably going to be a huge hit (as are all things that The X Factor touches), but it’s a big change from the more upbeat and dancefloor worthy Fight for this Love. I imagine the song will be remixed to within an inch of its life.

The song itself is actually quite good, not really ‘kicking in’ until the final minute, but still remaining interesting enough up to that point. It does annoy me however that Cole features will.i.am on so many of her album tracks. I mean, Heartbreaker was good, but it wasn’t that good.

And finally we have something to replace the seventy mentions of the word ‘fight’ in Fight for this Love. That’s got to count for something.

Watch below.

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Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Staaayshun November 15, 2009

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Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have teamed up for not one but two tracks together, one Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga and one Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé. If that wasn’t confusing enough, both songs have ‘phone’ in the title.

Video Phone, the Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga effort is actually nothing really too special, simply a slightly remixed version of one of Beyoncé’s album tracks with a bit of Lady Gaga thrown in. The two were spotted last month filming a music video for this song, but it’s unclear as to whether the second track, Telephone, will get a release.

Telephone, which is Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé (how confusing) was actually offered to Britney Spears for her last album. And then she almost appeared on this version but that obviously didn’t pan out. It’s hard to see why she turned it down since it’s an almost guaranteed hit, and far better than a lot of the filler on Circus, and indeed Video Phone. Whereas in Video Phone Lady Gaga doesn’t really add anything spectacular to the song, Beyoncé’s section of Telephone is actually probably the highlight of the song.

Both songs are being released as each singer’s next single, so prepare for more confusion in the coming weeks.

Listen, compare and contrast below.

Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé – Telephone (download)

Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga – Video Phone (download)