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There’s a wand waiting for ME? January 29, 2010

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If I wasn’t already excited enough about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, set to launch this spring at Universal Studios Orlando, I certainly am now.

The theme park’s marketing team have wisely recruited the film franchise’s cast members to talk up Ollivander’s Wand Shop (see below), which will be situated in Hogsmeade Village (not Diagon Alley like in the books…)

It’s a bit gimmicky to hear Emma Watson tell us our “wand is waiting for us”, and Michael Gambon is clearly taking the piss for the entire thing, but nonetheless, colour me excited.

Thierry Coup, Universal Creative’s vice president of creative development and head of the project, explains the wand selection process:

“The questions that will be asked from the wand keeper to the wizard are very individual, very tailored to each person based on their birth date and other questions which will determine the kind of wood and kind of narrow down the choices of wands.

One of [the effects could be], as you’re asked to wave the wand, [if it’s not the right one], may be wilting flowers. As you’re asked to water the flowers actually is the reverse effect may happen. Lightening, thunder, we have a whole series of effects. We want enough variety so everyone gets a very unique, individual experience.”

Although there’s no official launch date for the park yet, I’m keeping a close eye on flights to Florida so I can be first in line for my custom wand.

[via MTV.com]

Can’t take all of these muggles, but despite all of my struggles… July 15, 2009

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Emma Watson having the lolz

Everyone’s talking about Harry Potter at the moment, considering the new film is out today. So it was really quite appropriate timing to stumble upon University of Michigan’s “A Very Potter Musical”.

Yes, the title of this post is an actual lyric from the opening number “Goin’ Back”. And Lord Voldemort has a tap number in which he uses the Imperius curse to make Harry dance along with him. What more could you ask for?

The opening number is below, and the other 22 parts (yes, the whole thing is up) are on YouTube. I can’t honestly say I’ve watched all 22 parts yet but the first song alone is absolutely lolworthy.