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Sweet Cody High November 8, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Cinematics.
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Sweet Valley High

Back in September, it was announced that Diablo Cody, of Juno and Jennifer’s Body fame, will be adapting the Sweet Valley High book series into a film. The prospect is quite intriguing, considering the fact that the last time Sweet Valley High made it on to our screens was in the form of the 90s television series of the same name.

With Cody’s involvement I imagine something a little more self-mocking and snarky will be the end-product. However, judging by what Cody has written in her EW column about the project, it looks like she is desperate to stay true to the world of the books – not that I especially care since I’ve never read one, but I’m sure there are thousands of rabid fiercely protective fans out there.

A few months ago, I sat down with Sweet Valley High creator Francine Pascal. I wanted to write and produce a movie based on the books, but I could never do that without the involvement of the twins’ ”mom.” I’ve gotten somewhat proficient at keeping my s — – together during business meetings, but this time, my heart was pounding against my ribs. I wanted so badly for Francine to see how much I enjoyed her creation and how for me, Elizabeth and Jessica were guides to another universe, a place full of possibility and good hair. Luckily, she listened patiently to my excited babbling, and we found ourselves on the same page. All I have to say is: RADICAL. Wish me luck, people. Sweet Valley High is fantastic, fabulous, a little bit campy, and — dare I say it — cinematic.

I wonder whether Cody will include some of the changes that were instituted for the books’ re-releases last year, some of which are detailed below, extracted from a letter sent by the books’ publishers, Random House Children’s Books.

I guess size 6 isn’t perfect enough for today’s standards? I’m surprised they got away with this change, considering the amount of press devoted to eating disorders these days. And the ‘anonymous blog’ sounds like an unnecessary copycat of Gossip Girl. Oh well, whatever it takes to stay relevant.