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Vampire Weekend Make a Racquet February 19, 2010

Posted by Patrick in Muzak.
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Not only have Vampire Weekend decided to release my favourite song from new album Contra, Giving Up the Gun as their second single, but its accompanying video is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Everyone’s dressed in tennis gear and some ginger girl comes out and starts playing against a load of random opponents.

First up is Wu-Tang Clan member RZA as a line judge, swiftly followed by Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal, who each play the girl and are both beaten. Jake Gyllenhaal even brings a naggin on to the court with him.

Lil Jon even shows up near the end as the girl’s tennis coach. Along the way she also takes on a giant woman, two helmeted people, a samurai and herself. And also herself three times. Then she pours a load of milk over herself.

Ezra Koenig, the band’s lead singer shed some light on the bizarre video in an interview with Spinner magazine:

“I was stressed out one night worrying about the video and an image popped into my head of our friend Jenny (who’s also in the ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ video) playing tennis against a samurai. It grew from there,” Koenig tells Spinner.

“We always thought RZA would be perfect. We’d been in touch with Lil Jon since the first album. He heard the reference on ‘Oxford Comma’ and sent us some cases of Crunk Juice. Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal were both excellent — lot of improvisation and some surprisingly powerful serves.”

“‘Giving Up the Gun’ just means turning your back on aggression and selfishness,” Koenig explains of the song’s concept. “The heroine of the video isn’t an amazing tennis player, but she has heart. She stays calm despite the unfairness of it all.”

Ah sure, no one said it had to make sense. Watch it below.

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Have a sip of Horchata October 7, 2009

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Vampire Weekend’s first single, Horchata, from forthcoming album Contra turned up online on Monday as a free download from their official website.

The track is named after what Wikipedia refers to as “several kinds of traditional beverages, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley or tigernuts (chufas).” Doesn’t sound too appetising as a drink but as a piece of music I actually quite like it.

It’s not too far removed from the stuff we’re used to from the group’s self-titled debut album, and it’s a nice upbeat track that builds into a drum-filled crescendo while giving us a bit of strings and such along the way for good measure.

If the rest of the album sounds anything like this, then I’m looking forward to hearing it when it’s released on 11th January, or indeed whenever it all leaks online.

Vampire Weekend – Horchata (download on the official website)

[Image: Vampire Weekend Official]