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Unisexual American Apparel November 12, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Trashion.
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American Apparel Unisex

[Originally published in edited form in Flux]

The days of contending with the tiny ‘men’s section’ tucked into the corner of a clothes shop are coming to an end with the arrival of American Apparel in Dublin.

Never before has a shop designed so many of their items for both men and women. While this is likely to lead to a lot more embarrassing ‘matching couple’ incidents, mainly it means more variety for the sadly under-appreciated fashionable male.

The selection available can be a bit daunting at first. Don’t be put off by the sea of multi-coloured leggings on the shop’s ground floor – they’re not for us, thankfully. But venture to the upper floors of the shop and things begin to improve.

The fact that sizes are also unisex means that you’ll have to be pretty picky about what one to buy. Guys who are a small in every other shop may find themselves buying medium, or even extra-small, you never know.

T-shirts are available in every colour and style under the sun, and the same goes for hoodies. One of the only items reserved just for men is American Apparel’s range of pants, centred mostly around their basic ‘slim slack’, and available in colours from bright purple to classic grey and black. Track pants and cords are also in plentiful supply.

While I found it a bit ridiculous that the picture American Apparel used in their Dublin shop for ‘men’s briefs’ actually showed a female wearing them, their selection of underwear is vast, although they’re only available in block colours.

The company’s Circle Scarf, which can be worn 12 ways for a girl can sadly only be worn two for guys (unless you like hooded scarves or shawls). It is perfect for winter even though the extreme amount of material can be initially terrifying.

Now’s probably the time to get down to the Dublin store (or online), as they’re currently offering 30% off men’s socks. Can’t argue with that.