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What mood is my stereo in today? April 10, 2010

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Every time I’ve used the Shuffle setting on my iPod lately, every third song has either been a) awful or b) a track from the Leaving Cert French Oral CD that I stupidly added to my iTunes in sixth year. An iTunes library spring clean will commence shortly but until then, I will be letting Stereomood choose my songs for me.

Stereomood is a free online radio site with hundreds of playlists, categorised by emotions and activities.  The playlist titles range from broad categories like ‘Optimistic’, ‘Sexy’  and ‘Melancholy’, to more specific ones like ‘Traffic Jam’, ‘Dinner With Friends’, ‘Driving Route 66’, ‘Foreplay’, and even ‘Feel Like Crying’. Hopefully you won’t be needing those last two playlists in quick succession, but  you never know.

The playlists are regularly updated (the songs are  taken from a large list of music blogs and tagged by mood), so that today’s ‘It’s Raining’ songs won’t be the same as tomorrow’s. The list of blogs checked is much smaller than on Hype Machine or similar, meaning some songs do crop up on more than one playlist (Sade seems to feature a bit more than is normal), but it’s still a great way of finding something new to listen to.

iDreamed a Dream March 4, 2010

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For anyone not content with watching television on television, Hulu have launched their first exclusively-online series. The series, If I Can Dream, follows 5 people trying to break into the entertainment industry, and basically we get to watch them do it.

From this description, the series doesn’t sound too ground-breaking or even majorly interesting. The first episode of series introduces us to the five wannabes – Kara, Justin, Ben, Amanda and Giglianne. Kara, Ben and Amanda are aspiring actors, while Justin aims to be a musician and Giglianne a model. They’re all going to live together in a house in the Hollywood Hills in the hope of achieving some form of success.

As well as a weekly 25 minute programme broadcast exclusively on Hulu (notably it’s the first thing I’ve ever been able to watch on Hulu, with the rest of its content blocked for viewing in Ireland), you can watch the contestants live on IfICanDream.com. Predictably, this isn’t actually very interesting, like Big Brother Live only with even less engaging people involved. On the plus side, the production values are well up to broadcast television standard, and some form of television broadcast is expected at a future date.

The Justin of the show is none other than Miley Cyrus’s ex-boyfriend, a fact which is largely ignored bar one brief “I want to be known for my music and not because of Miley”.

Former Pop Idol judge Nicki Chapman even pops up for a bit, coordinating the contestants’ publicity trip around the world.

The first episode is only semi-interesting, with contestants that have less personality than you could possibly fathom. They’re all way too friendly to each other in the beginning, so hopefully things will heat up a bit in future instalments. Even worse, we can’t vote out the ones we hate. The producers claim, however, that if a contestant achieves significant success, they may leave the show and be replaced.

Watch the full first episode below, if only to see what web TV is really like.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Getting the job done… January 17, 2010

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It can be difficult when a friend gets into a new relationship. Maybe you don’t see them as much, maybe you’re horribly jealous of their newfound happiness, or maybe you miss being the one they tell everything to. Well, with a touch-sensitive pad linked to a Twitter feed, there would be no need to feel out of the loop. You could truly be a fly on the wall in your mate’s relationship. One man has done just that- and yes, it is as over-intrusive and freaky as it sounds.

‘Anon Bestman’ is responsible for newlywedsontjob, a Twitter feed he’s set up to record each and every time his newlywed pals hop into their marital bed to get, well, on t’job.He says his mate “stiched me up something rotten when I was his best man” and that this is his revenge. Well, Anon, I doubt your pal broadcast your sexual relations to the world though, did he?

Either it’s an elaborate hoax or it’s an elaborately put-together system, but either way, followers of newlywedsontjob can track all the details of this unsuspecting couple’s alone time. The duration of each romp is noted, and the ‘frenzy’ of each session is rated from 1 to 10. The lowest the couple have reached so far is 2, and they’re only back from their honeymoon three weeks. Oo-er…

Art in 140 characters or less January 15, 2010

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US artist/illustrator Odessa Begay has taken the common tweet and turned it into something altogether more decorative. Begay’s blog, Museum of Modern Tweets, is a collection of illustrations, each representing a celebrity tweet.

My favourite work of TwitArt is based on John Mayer’s Dec 30th “Christmas on December 25th is merely a suggestion” tweet, but click through to see some others. The collection is relatively small, but Begay promises that she will update at least once a week “unless my hands fall off”.

Head, shoulders, knees and…ass January 13, 2010

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When you really think about it, human body parts are mentioned a whole lot in songs. It’s no surprise really that the word ‘ass’ is a common term in the hip-hop genre, or that Gospel music often mentions hands. But what body parts are alternative musicians and metal bands regularly working into their lyrics?

That’s where Fleshmap comes in. Based on a study of a sample of 10,000 songs, ranging from popular artists to the more obscure, the people behind Fleshmap, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, have created visual representations categorised by genre of how often specific body parts are mentioned.

From even a cursory glance at the graphs, the most startling thing is how much hip hop artists like to talk about body parts, from their favourite word ‘ass’, used in 23.64% of the chosen songs, right down to ‘prick’, used in 0.09%.

And that’s just the ‘Listen’ part of the site. In the ‘Touch‘ section, by surveying thousands of men and women, the team have devised a map of both a male and female body, highlighting the areas we like to be touched in. Print one off for future reference perhaps?

[Image: Fleshmap]

Dirty Talk January 10, 2010

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Finally, the service that all visually impaired internet users have been waiting for has arrived: Porn for the Blind. The website does exactly as it says on the tin, allowing those of us with 20/20 vision to describe our favourite internet porn clip which is then uploaded on to the site as an MP3.

The site itself is pretty much bare links and description, but I’m sure blind people aren’t going to complain that it isn’t visually appealing enough.

After listening to the 53 second description of Cum Overload (“There’s a woman who is vaguely sort of trying to cover up her vagina…), I think my dealings with the site have come to an abrupt end.

[Image: CrazyFast]

Don’t call me baby December 29, 2009

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I like to think that I dressed fairly well as a kid. As well as a kid could dress in the early nineties. If it was velvet, neon pink or came in the form of a scrunchie, I had it. And by god, did I wear it with style. But pictures like these, from Planet Awesome Kid, make me wonder if I could have tried a little harder. Think The Sartorialist mixed with a L’Oreal Kids ad, and you’ve got Planet Awesome Kid in a nutshell.

Parents are welcome to submit photos of their own “Awesome Kids”, as long as they provide details of where each item of clothing was purchased. Other photos are snapped by the site’s resident photographers, Andrew Adler and Amy Toland Way.

I wonder where their prime sites are for searching out potential mini-fashionistas. Creches? Showings of Disney movies at the local cinema? Playgrounds? Though there’s only so long you can lurk in a creche or playground holding a camera before being escorted off the premises. I would imagine…

Things change, Dawson, people change December 26, 2009

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From the same people who bring you Make and Deux comes another Tumblr (yeah I know, there’s a lot of that going on here lately…) that provides you with a daily inspirational (and often not-so-inspirational) quote from the seminal teen drama Dawson’s Creek. Why? Why not.

Click the image below, subscribe/follow, done. And may it never be mentioned here again.


Tumblified December 22, 2009

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Make and Deux is now on Tumblr. Click above to go there. Now.


Tu est trés mignon December 2, 2009

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Google has started a new strand of YouTube videos called “Search Stories“, in effect showing the impact of Google searching on our lives.

It’s a ridiculously simple advert for Google but it’s clever in that way, turning the mundane task of Googling something into a major life event.

For example, there’s one video imagining what a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne would have searched for, with a ‘dark’ soundtrack and search terms like “coping with loss” and “stitching your own wound”.

It should be ridiculously corny but my favourite has to be “Parisian Love” (below) – the story of boy meets (French) girl, told only through the medium of Google searches in 53 seconds. Beautiful. More of this please Google.