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Paula and Patrick (or Patrick and Paula) were brought together by their love of rum punch and moonlighting. Both blogged about such things regularly, until one day they decided to JOIN FORCES and see what happened. And so Make and Deux was born.

Have a look. You’ll find music, movies, television, fashion, literature, true love and many other wondrous things.

Email us:

Paula – paula@makeanddeux.com
Patrick – patrick@makeanddeux.com




1. Madge - May 27, 2009

tats me!!

2. Ciara - September 28, 2009

I love this website

3. Trudi - November 8, 2009

i dunno who you are but i think yer lol

4. Tazy - March 27, 2010

NOW i mean to say im an avid reader of this blog would be an UNDERSTATEMENT….buuut …maybe try updating it like at least once a month ??? guys u cant make us get hooked on something and then make us deal with the withdrawl syptoms alone :(((

5. Sinéad Diskin - April 15, 2010

Hey Guys!!

This is great!! 🙂

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