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The US Factor January 12, 2010

Posted by Patrick in Televisual.
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After a lot of behind the scenes deliberation and hmmming and hawing, the American version of UK (and international) television talent show The X Factor has finally been confirmed for launch in 2011.

Less certain, however, is the future of American Idol, which currently airs on FOX, the same network that The X Factor is slated for. At the moment everyone’s claiming the shows will co-exist but frankly, I don’t see this happening without one seriously detracting from the other. And let’s be honest, American Idol is still using the same tired old format that Pop Idol used way back when. Where are the battling judges? Where are the groups? And where, god damn it, are the Over 25s?

The good news for us over on this side of the pond is obviously that we’ll pretty much have year-round X Factor, with the UK edition running nicely into the US.

For one thing, Simon Cowell will definitely not be on board next season on American Idol, instead focusing his attentions on judging both the UK and US editions of The X Factor.

The obvious question on everyone’s lips is who will be joining Cowell at the judges’ table when the show debuts next year. He’s already said that he wants to work with Paula Abdul again because he “misses her”, and it was speculated that he’d possibly bring some of his UK judges over with him, the most likely candidate there being Cheryl Cole. Oh please let it be Cheryl Cole. Once it’s not Randy Jackson, that’s fine with me.

And who will be left to take the reins on American Idol next year? If it’s Ellen DeGeneres, Randy Jackson and Kara Whatsherface then you can count me out.

[Image: The Guardian]


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