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“We’re more than just a club. We’re friends. Best friends.” January 1, 2010

Posted by Paula in Lit.
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Do the names Claudia, Kristy, Mary-Anne, Dawn and Stacey strike a chord of delight in your heart? Does the thought of Stoneybrook High, a school teeming with closet diabetics and boys called Logan, send a shiver running down your spine? If yes, then I’m guessing that you too grew up dreaming of starting your own Babysitters Club. Ann M. Martin’s 250 volume-strong book series, The Babysitters Club, was like heroin to pre-teens everywhere in the eighties and nineties. And there was always just one more that you hadn’t read…

Well, good news. Following on from 2008’s Goosebumps revival, Scholastic have announced plans for a Babysitters Club revamp. The first two books of the series will be re-released later this year. The series was given a mild re-design a few years ago, but the fancy cover art and the addition of a new babysitter, Abby (obsessed with learning Hebrew, star of Abby and the Mystery Baby and Abby The Bad Sport. Anyone remember but me?) failed to boost sales. The books will be given a few cultural tweaks this time around. It’s rumoured that Stacey’s perm will be no more, replaced simply with the term “fashionable hairstyle”.

A prequel to the series is also on its way. For those of us who sometimes wonder what the Babysitters did before they babysat, “The Summer Before” will be published this April. Scholastic promises a “moving” novel, ripe with crushes, gossip and “the joys and tribulations of being a girl”. I for one cannot wait.


1. Joey - January 1, 2010

Do you remmeber Kristy’s little sister Karen had her own spin-off series?


Paula - January 1, 2010

The exact same first chapter. Every time. At least she varied the “meet the babysitters!” chapter a little bit for each Babysitters Club book. Not for Karen though, ohhh no.

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