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What’s your damage? June 20, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Cinematics, Muzak.
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So last week I finally got around to watching what is often hailed as the 80s answer to Mean Girls, Heathers. And it was so very. The film, in case you didn’t already know, is centred around a powerful high school clique of four girls, three of whom are named Heather, who rule the school through a combination of intimidation and sex appeal.

It stars a pre-shoplifting Winona Ryder as the main character Veronica, somewhat of an outsider in the group considering her name isn’t Heather. Shannen Doherty of 90210 fame also appears as one of the Heathers. Veronica, together with her boyfriend JD the two try to take down Heather Number One, leader of the clique. Long story short, things get a bit out of hand and bodies start piling up.

If you haven’t seen it, then see it next time you have ninety minutes to spare. Apparently a sequel is on the way, over twenty years after the original, and some of the original cast including Winona Ryder and Christian Slater are slated to return.

In the process of Googling Heathers I stumbled upon a Dublin duo, set to appear at this year’s Oxegen that share the film’s name and whose début album also includes a track titled “What’s Your Damage?”

They’re not actually too bad, and are somewhat reminiscent of Tegan and Sara, which isn’t always a good thing. I’d still rather hear a full version of “Teenage Suicide (Do’t Do It)” from the film itself, which is apparently floating around somewhere online. Check out Heathers’ “What’s Your Damage?” below. (download)

[Image: Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom]


1. Joey - June 21, 2009

I had heard so much about the film that I was a little disappointed when I finally saw it. I’m pretty sure ‘fetch’ is an homage to ‘very’ though.

Heathers the band are actually named after the film. They’re amaze-o. You should check out the track they did with Super Extra Bonus Party, ‘Comets’.

2. Random Songs from Winona Ryder films « moonlighting - June 23, 2009

[…] on from my Heathers post the other day, I have finally located the full version of “Teenage Suicide (Don’t Do […]

3. Patrick - June 23, 2009

I wasn’t actually expecting that much, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I knew they were named after the film, suppose I didn’t really make that clear in the post but sure, ya live ya learn. Yeah I’ll check that out, thanks for the recommendation!

4. Anna - June 24, 2009

That Joey dude beat me to it, was just about to recommend the same song

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