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What’s black, white and written all over? June 2, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Lit, Webshite.

In the FloodMost of us, when given a black marker and a newspaper, would probably draw stupid faces over photographs of people. Austin Kleon on the other hand, has made an art form out of it by creating poems from certain words in newspaper stories.

It’s a great idea, and the majority of the poems are actually really good, while some are just stupid and funny.

The poems will form the basis of a book, appropriately titled “Newspaper Blackout Poems”, which will be published by Harper Collins and is set for a September release.

See more at the Newspaper Blackout Poems blog on Kleon’s official site.

“One can imagine taking up blackout poetry on their daily bus commute in place of sudoku or the crossword puzzle.” Toronto’s National Post

[via boxofboom]


1. Joey - June 2, 2009

Patrick, I must say you’re quite good at this blogging lark.

Never mind that meanie, Chris.

2. Madge - June 3, 2009

This will take. Absolutely.

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